Constant Time Matter

The mighty power of time. At least we can pretend to live in it, but the actual truth behind it is that we are living inside ourselves without even realizing it. I know it sounds more like a line of a poem, but if you think more deeply, it actually sounds logical, I am sure you can get the idea. Even the scientists cannot tell what is the smallest cosmic reaction ever captured in our human body. It may be the atom, but what is the atom made of actually? Things, made of thing and so on and so fort.

Everyone has their own universe, perfectly structured inside them and all  of them different. My thought is that we can live inside our own universe, meeting another universe every day, because of the cosmic infinite probabilities. People meeting people, obtaining information every single day by billions of people. Complicated, isn’t it? I am sure that everyone has their own path, hungry to be something more than the others around them- different. There is absolutely no matter lost in space and time. Everything has it’s own place somewhere in the great unknown. And talking about all of that stuff, if I was you I would ask myself the question: Where actually I am? Where on the great cosmic map am I located? The actual answer is: ‘In the exact centre’. Everyone is in it’s own centre of the universe. Doesn’t matter if you are abundant astronaut on a planet 9,849,878,943,278,432,348,930 billions light years from Earth. Your by yourself are the centre of the universe, no matter where you are. If you do not agree with me, I will understand. Don’t forget to mention it in the comments, but people you are living in 21’st century can’t you see what is going on. The universe is expanding rapidly every second, minute, hour. Oh, sorry now we get on the actual topic- Time. It doesn’t exist within the living. You can tell a memory, you remember what happened, because time has the ability to capture emotional moments and store them. You exist because of your infinite probabilities. What a story. A walking universe, obtaining information with other of it’s kind, capturing moments and caring  personal genetic code, providing it carefully for is’s generations. Ok. Stop reading it, right now. Just one thing I am going to ask you before you close the page. Even if everyone disagree with me, would you still believe me that you are living in your own reality, without even realising it. I mean this is your viewpoint, your thinking, why are you still reading this, even if you know I am completely wrong. Ok, I got it. Just don’t forget to search for your own footsteps in the space diagram, because you have been walking that path and living your reality all your life. Think, search, believe in whatever you want, but in the actual end you will find yourself asking you: Can we do this once again, because you have not lived your entire life?

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