23’rd May 2016 15:45

My name is Anthony Angelov.

   I was born on the 30’th of December, right one day before New Year’s Eve in the year 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria – one small country with a phenomenal ancient culture and unique nature.

I have grown up in a small town near the capital with my grandparents taking care of me and my little sister, who was always my great companion in those careless years. My parents were busy all the time, working in the aircraft business and I was lucky enough to see their eyes once in a period of time. I had the whole time in the universe to make everything one kid wanted to make, without being stopped by any parental control. I was free as a bird, because of my grandparents, who always used to defend me by saying: “one child should grow as one, without any limits in actions”. With defenders like them by my side, those were the best childhood years anyone could ever imagine.

A couple of years later I went to high school in Sofia- the capital. I used to speak German from my early childhood years, but I wanted to learn another language, so my parents participated to help me learn the unknown, one other world- English language. Without knowing the alphabet I had started learning the basics, while others were continuing to perfect their language skills from early high school years. I will confess it was hard, but also interesting. I have practiced so much, that I used to forget my German basics, which was the funniest part of all. As the clever people used to say from ages: “learn to forget”. The important lesson I learned was that no matter how hard life is, no matter how little your progress is, the key part is to keep going and don’t give up on your dreams. My favorite book is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald called ‘The Great Gatsby’. I remember the first ‘fall in love’ moment when I picked it from our home library.

I am currently living and studying in Scotland, United Kingdom. I was always passionate about the greatest human discoveries in the historical time calendar and the intellectual capacity, every living organism possesses. I know that my blog will touch you in the same way it touches me every single time I open the browser and prepare to write something.

My dream is to put the universe in my back pocket so I can be sure it fits there.

You may ask me why or how?

Because the entire universe itself is one lonely, scattered back pocket.