God’s Eternal Formula

Space, time, matter. All of those things make sense to you, doesn’t they. Or at least we can pretend to know the basics. Let me share something insane with you. Everyone, clever enough will question the eternal or the universal reaction above us all. Right? Ok, now we are getting closer. Everything has it’s own place in the cosmic realm. Space rocks, planets, galaxies, nebulas, dust and organisms. Everything is part of the perfect balance, structured  within a time graph. Everything happens for a reason, even on our tiny planet in the cosmic encyclopaedia. We as a human race, learn from the nature, which surrounds us all. People doesn’t realise we have discovered 0,00000000000007% of all the expanding universe. Tiny, isn’t it. But as a race, we are young enough to discover it all before our last day. The universe is one great, perfectly structured mind. All the matter and reactions are captured in it. We are living inside a universal brain and all of it’s magical things. From darkness comes light and from light darkness. All of it makes sense now, right. No matter how fast is the light, there will always be darkness waiting somewhere there for it. It works the same for darkness, no matter where is located, there will always be light, that will claim to reach it. Maybe you’ve heard somewhere the phrase: ‘what goes around, comes around’ or if not, now is the perfect time for you to get it’s full meaning and idea. That’s how our Goddess Universe works. Two simple words can explain it: ‘ballance & harmony’.

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